Master's Message

Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 January 2019


Good day to all,

January was active with much work on the structure of the governance society for Meridian Lodge. Thanks go to Ian Fuchs, Ken South, Tren Cole for their wise council and to all who have assisted so far. More to follow.

February will see a 2nd Degree for our newest members at our regular meeting and on February 16th we will be hosting a evening complete with a meal and some potatoes with our significant others with what I hope is a very interesting guest speaker and topic. Please see Matt about this evening as Joselito will be very recently back from what we hope has been a great vacation.

Planning has started for our new slate of officers and that transition is always exciting for the sitting Master to assist in any way possible.

We have a number of applications and younger Masons waiting for their chance to progress and I know they will be well received by all.

Please let me know if you would like to do some work in the Lodge - I am always pleased to be of assistance.

See you soon,


W.Bro. Ken Cameron


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