Master's Message

Last Updated: Monday, 16 July 2018


Warm fraternal Greetings from the Master of Meridian Lodge # 129 Grand Register of Alberta.

It is my privilege to bring our very best wishes from the Officers and Members of our Lodge. Since the inception of our Lodge in Stony Plain in 1921, we as Masons have met with the goal to improving our personal morals and ethics and then carrying that to all those we have contact within the fraternity and to the community at large.

Masons were historically builders of stone – Stone Masons – and within that guild were a broad cross section of skills and abilities. Stone Masons came from many regions, with different languages, upbringing and social norms.

When the members of the guild met however, everyone was treated with the respect and kindness that is one of the fundamental principles of our fraternity and we wish to continue with that wise insight today and in the future.

The Masons of today are less operative than our predecessors, more figurative or speculative. But the lessons of truth, morality, equality and striving to improve ourselves and those around us still resounds in our meetings and in our outlook.

If this philosophy – to make good men better – is something you are interested in, please contact us though this page or seek out a local Mason.

Meridian Lodge takes the summer off to allow all of our members to enjoy time to relax but we will meet again September 12, 2018.


W.Bro. Ken Cameron


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